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A lighter quote from This Plague of Days

Last night, I shocked myself. While revising This Plague of Days, I wrote something so dark I was gobsmacked. Worse? It was horror based in reality. I won’t divulge what it is because you should have the opportunity to opt in before I sling it on you in the book. I will say it’s something about what happens to a body after death and it is freakin’ insane! Such problems are common in the Plague of Days universe.

Here’s a safer, lighter quote from the manuscript:

“Things won’t get back to normal until everybody runs out of bullets and they take those masks off,” Theo said. “People act worse when have anonymity and no regulation. All those masks they’re wearing? The apocalypse is like the Internet, only instead of nasty troll comments on YouTube, it’s with gunfire.”

Oh, and a progress report:

I’ll break 100,000 words on this serial’s manuscript today. Closing in on the end, but I think I have a serial in two seasons here! More details to come soon. We’re beginning to close the noose on the publication date.

Have a great weekend. You already know what I’ll be doing.



A tiny excerpt of This Plague of Days from today’s revisions

This Plague of Days 0328“The ’40s and ’50s had the mushroom cloud.

The ’60s had flower power and the rocket to the moon.

The ’70s had disco, the ’80s and ’90s had a stock ticker, and the 2000s had the World Trade Center attack.”

Oliver pointed with his chin toward the wreck of the fire engine on its side, forgotten amidst the mayhem.

“There’s the new symbol of our time. Of course, like the man said, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

~ This Plague of Days, by Robert Chazz Chute will be released at the end of May.

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