Sneak Peek: This is not a poem

This is not a poem…exactly. It’s the table of contents to a coming episode of This Plague of Days from Season One.


Here we sit in Death’s Cafe
We are the zombie’s reluctant buffet
The deepest wounds are those unseen
Between what we were and where we’ve been
Be killed or kill in days like these
Pray for God’s mercy or the Red Queen’s disease
Say farewell to your comfortable home
Goodbye to tea, clotted cream and scones
The fruit of war, the wages of sin
You don’t yet know what it will take to win
Or even half of the trouble we’re in
Save your strength for the fight
Use your rage. Defy the night.

(Getting close to finalizing the cover art, hearing back from the last beta team members and getting this bird off the ground.)


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