Endemic is released!

I’ve got something post-apocalyptic, dystopian, and special for you. Two years in the making, Endemic is finally published! Also, it’s free today (Tuesday, November 2!) Pick it up, read, enjoy!

Your next binge read is Endemic.

This universal book link will take you to Endemic on your Amazon store: mybook.to/MakeEndemicGoViral

As the United States falls to disease, killers and thieves rule New York. Bookish, neurotic, and nerdy, Ovid Fairweather finds herself trapped in the struggle for survival. 

Bullied by her father, haunted by her dead therapist, and hunted by marauders, Ovid is forced to fight.

With only the voices in her head as her guides, an unlikely heroine will become a queen.

Fun, surprising, and suspenseful, Endemic is the new apocalyptic novel from the author of Citizen Second Class, This Plague of Days, and AFTER Life.

~ For all Robert’s apocalyptic epics and killer crime thrillers, go to his author site, AllThatChazz.com.


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