Billionaire Survivalists? Prepping isn’t just for poor hippies anymore

Preppers are assumed, often, to be paranoid losers. However, contingency plans are smart, not dumb. A lot of smart people think so:


An aerial view of the flooding near downtown N...

An aerial view of the flooding near downtown New Orleans. The Superdome is at center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Disease experts tell us we’re overdue for a devastating world pandemic.


Economics experts tells us we’re no safer from economic collapse than we were in 2008. None of the the banksters who cratered the economy and stole billions went to jail. They’ll do it again. (Can we even afford to bail them out again or next time will the money go to people, not banks? Will we do the smarter thing and do what Iceland did and send the bad guys to jail? I hope so.)


Despite what Exxon tells us, they’re preparing for global climate change disasters, along with the UN, FEMA and the Pentagon.


Climate scientists predict extreme weather patterns will continue.


You don’t have to believe in a zombie apocalypse or become an NRA member to be a prepper.¬†You believe in weather, right? In case you missed it, the destruction of a good chunk of New Jersey happened recently. Much of New Orleans is still a shambles. Expect more trouble as the planet continues to heat up.


Oh, and then there’s a bunch of billionaires who are spending big money to get ready when the poop hits the ceiling fan. Read about that on Salon here.


Only in the mainstream media, it seems, is being prepared for emergencies seen as a paranoid delusion.





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